Initial Telephone Consultation

You are welcome to contact me, so that we can arrange an initial conversation over the phone. I think that this is often a good starting point, so that we can have a brief discussion about some of the difficulties your child or family might be struggling with.

Assessment and Therapy

Initially we will meet for an assessment appointment in order for me to develop an understanding of your child’s needs and for us to also get a shared sense of whether I am going to be the right person to help. The assessment usually entails me taking a history of how the difficulties have developed over time, as well as some of the possible triggers and maintaining factors. I also try to get a sense of how the difficulties are understood by other members of the family. Following assessment, if you decide to work with me and progress with the recommended therapy, we will agree on a set number of sessions as well as how often we will meet. We will review progress throughout the therapy. Sessions are normally 50 minutes long and are usually arranged for the same time each week, however this can be flexible.


The content of our sessions and any notes taken during and after the sessions remain private and confidential. However, there are specific circumstances where I am bound by law to breach confidentiality and involve other professionals if I believe that your child or others are in danger.

GDPR Privacy Notice

I adhere to the The General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] policy. GDPR is EU wide and seeks to protect and enhance the rights of EU data subjects. These rights cover the safeguarding of personal data, protection against the unlawful processing of personal data, and the unrestricted movement of personal data, within the EU and its storage within the EEA. I provide a detailed overview of how I adhere to the GDPR principles in the contract that you will sign before we start any treatment. 


I charge £90 for a 50 minutes face to face therapy session,  as well as the initial assessment meeting. I charge £100 for letters and reports to schools and other agencies. I use comfortable therapy rooms that are based in Clapham Common.